Design Process - Abstract Thoughts to Defined Product

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Greater products have greater design and that has the greater design process. People who want to design have some expectations of the product in their mind like abstract, which they want on the paper or as a product. It is a process where abstract thoughts are being decoded and developed into a product. By following certain steps we can find a clear route from the thoughts and can be ideated in paper then the product. Every designer/ brand will have a unique design process that is why they stand out from the crowd.

Find your Target Audience

The final product, say a garment or home décor or whatever will have, a certain audience who is going to use and that is called Target audience. This may include age group, gender, Demographics, Psychology, Occupation, Occasion, Budget, and more based on the product. For example, If the final product is a garment, The requirement for the sportsperson will differ from the one who needs a fashionable outfit for a wedding.

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Market study Brand study

If the product is going to launch for a commercial market, it is essential to know who buys and who sells the product, for that it is mandatory to study the competitors and customers are mandatory. By studying this we can get a clear picture of the pros and cons of the market, psychology of clients. There is a chance of getting ideas by reading reviews of the existing product (which you want to make), this may give you a chance to create a revolutionary product by fulfilling the requirement that stands out from the crowd.


Any product that is being made will be launched in some season. It is better to forecast the future trends, by researching the colors, fabrics, silhouettes websites like WGSN, Promo style for the landing season (spring /summer or autumn/winter) of the product.


Taking inspiration for the collection will lead to form derivations, silhouette derivation, colors, and more for the product. We can take inspiration that connects the audience personally or by forecasting the trend or by analyzing the mood of the client. For example, For a wedding collection, we can say celebration as a mood, and eventually, we can take elements or props of wedding like flower garlands or bouquets or whatever element that is related to the mood can be used as inspiration.

We can also take inspiration by reading stories on websites like WGSN that connect with the target audience, We can choose the color board/mood boards of the final design that can be inspired from the inspiration board/mood board /forecasting sites.

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Derivation of Silhouettes and Design element

We can derive silhouettes by analyzing the trends from WGSN and developing forms from the inspiration. we can develop prints, embellishments, surface techniques from inspiration. For example, our inspiration is Garland, we make floral prints, floral appliques as embellishments, petal sleeves by inspiring the flower using thematic colored fabric and that creates the feel of celebration. To communicate with your team it is mandatory to have an illustration or Sketches of the product for further processing.

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Choosing the right raw material

Apparently, the quality of the garment depends on the raw material and labor, So choosing the right raw material will increase the durability of the product.

Flat drawing and technical details

Technical sketches and flat drawings will help the technical team to make a precise product. this may include detailed information about the measurement of the product along with other data like where to have prints, embellishments, pockets, zippers, stitching guides, and more with its dimensions.

With all these details the final product can be made and sampling, production Quality approvals will be done if there is a requirement for mass production.


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