Have you ever heard about the term! Most people are unaware of this, as the topic is not popular but it requires some sincere needs. If you are the one who doesn't know about the category, you got to check this article.

These are the clothing that is s

pecially designed for people who can't find proper outfits and require customization according to their extreme needs.

These garments will have some extreme pr

operties like

1. Easy to wear :

These garments reduce the time taken to wear the garment in the case of individuals with special abilities.

2. Comfortable :

They give the most comfort as they are tailored with comfortable silhouettes and fabrics

3. Handpicked Fasteners :

As these are tailored with a lot of care, these garments are held customized fasteners (zippers, Buttons, Velcro’s, Knots, etc..)

4. Accessible :

These garments are meant to make the special people dress independently in most cases. In exceptional cases, these garments are crafted in a way to make the process easier for the assistants or caretakers of the special people.

5. Fashion for All :

Exceptional silhouettes can be used by everyone, even for sports apparel. In other cases, the garments are designed in the way, so there won't be any kind of difference which will be seen outside as it looks like a normal

garment even though it has some silhouette corrections in it.

These garments are constructed after

doing extreme research on audience groups, fabrics, and stitches to achieve the properties listed above.

Hope you got some insights into this category.

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