A fabric beyond the steel

Graphene is one of the strongest carbon components here all 4 valence electrons are engaged with other carbons with a strong covalent bond. This graphene is derived from graphite which is used in pencils. Graphene is invented by collecting the graphite granules in a sellotape

Graphene is comprised of a single layer of carbon atoms, which makes it thin, flexible, 200 times stronger than steel.

This property makes the fabric stronger when graphene is blended with any other fabrics. It is found that the material is thin and flexible, noncytotoxic, and hypoallergenic. Graphene’s thermal properties. The material acts as a filter between your skin and the environment, expelling heat in warmer weather and preserving and evenly distributing body heat in colder climates. Graphene has the ability to maintain the microclimate of the body.

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Graphene nanoparticles have excellent anti-odor properties. As graphene is stronger this property apparently makes the blended fabric tear-resistant. By blending this fabric with natural fabrics we can probably make a 100% sustainable technical fabric that can be applied in sportswear

Merino wool is the natural fiber extracted from a special variety of sheep from Australia, it has certain natural properties like anti-shrink, water-resistant, maintaining microclimate, anti-odor, that are required to develop sports gear. . By blending graphene with merino wool, the resulting fabric will probably get excellent properties of thermal regulation, tear resistance, stronger, anti-odor, anti-bacterial, lightweight, breathable, flexible and more.

How these fabrics will be useful for sportswear

For example, there is a requirement of garments for offshore sailing, so the fabric should be water-resistant, durable, tear-resistant, anti-odor, antibacterial as the sportsmen have to be in the suit for a longer period. By using the graphene blended fabric developed in an advanced weaving technique that makes the fabric hydrophobic we gain the required properties for sailing in the fabric.

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