Sketching! It is what I love since my Kinder Garden. My holidays and vacations will be incomplete without that. However, I took this seriously when I was doing my Higher secondary education and I want to pursue my career with that. And that's how I get into the Fashion Industry and graduated as an Apparel Designer from NIFT Chennai. But the love towards sketching never died as this plays an important role for my self motivation and happiness. 


It all started a couple of years back when I was studying my Undergrad in my university, Being a Knitwear design student specialising in sportswear we learnt a lot about fabrics, fashions, elements, software and more. And I am very much interested in understanding the story behind every creation of fabrics structures, not only fabrics but also in understanding the ergonomics of the human body and matching the requirements with suitable fabrics that gives a deeper understanding of sportswear eventually in adaptive clothing as the design process requires the same for both categories.


One day one of my professors discussed inclusive fashion that made me think seriously about the scarcity of fashionable garments or a day to day garments in this area. Further, I spoke to people in this category and with NGO's and that made me understand the severity of the requirement.

India is a country with 2nd highest population and approximately around 5% of the people who needs specially designed clothes for themselves. And unfortunately, there is a very little number of brands that makes garments for this kind of category that also unknown to a lot of people.

Atiiro is a start to accomplish the problems listed and give comfortable clothing and create a revolution in the fashion industry.

 - Deepika

-- An Artist cum Designer

Admin - Atiiro